Woman With Parasol


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Claude Monet’s famous oil painting of the

Woman With Parasol

Monet’s fine depiction of a Woman With a Parasol,  features none other than his beautiful wife Camille Monet and their son Jean Monet in the fields of Argenteuil.  The oil painting also known as ‘The Stroll’ is caputured on a windy summers day.  The original painting is believed to have taken only a few hours due to the blustry wind and painted in 1875.  This masterpiece was believed to be his largest canvas creation, measuring in at 100 × 81 centimetres (39″ × 32″)

Dimensions:  (height x width)  24″ x 20″ or 61cm x 51cm

Canvas will be rolled and posted in a strong,  secure postal tube
Authentic Hand Painted,  Oil Replica Of Claude Monet’s – Woman With Parasol (facing left)

    Genuinely Hand Painted Masterpiece
    Brush Stroke By Brush Stroke Techinque
    Excellent Fine Art Workmanship
    Quality Grade Oil Paints & Canvas Used
    Not A Glicee or Print
    Not A Canvas Print then touched up
    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
    Individually Recreated Masterpiece Making This Work Of Art Unique In It’s Own Right…