Pallas Athene


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Gustav Klimt’s famous oil painting of  ‘Pallas Athene’

Pallas Athene was painted around 1898.  The original canvas dimensions are 75cm X 75cm (29.5 in by 29.5 in). Now on display at Historisches Museum Der Stadt Wien, Vienna, Austria. Pallas Athene is an interpretation of the Greek goddess of war and wisdom.  She faces her observers with little expression and is protected under her armour.

Athena holds a diminutive female figure in her left hand,  also wears a helm and grasps a spear.  This golden spear is a focal point,  on the right hand side of the oil painting.

This female figure in Athena’s left hand represents Nike, the goddess of victory. 

Canvas will be rolled and posted in a strong,  secure postal tube

Dimensions:  (width x height)  24″ x 20″ or 61cm x 51cm (approx)

Authentic Hand Painted,  Oil Replica Of Gustav Klimt’s –  The Pallas Athene

Genuinely Hand Painted Masterpiece
Brush Stroke By Brush Stroke Techinque
Excellent Fine Art Workmanship
Quality Grade Oil Paints & Canvas Used
Not A Glicee or Canvas Reprint
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Individually Recreated Making This Work Of Art Unique In It’s Own Right

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