Why Not Commission An Oil Painting Of Your Pets ?

Our pets are without question, adorable, loyal and a great source of companionship. They never judge, never criticise and are always there for us. Once a pet owner myself, I know how easily attached I became to my alsation dog. He’s no longer with us now as old age got the better of him, but a nice warm smile gathers on my face as I write this.

Here at we have successfully created oil paintings onto canvas of pets to our customers delight and satisfaction.

Canvas Oil Painting Of Petsoil-painting-pets

As you can see from the above oil painting the gravel drive was changed to a grassy garden bringing this dog out in all his beauty and colour. The dog below didn’t require any background changes, but just look at the incredible detail.

Oil Painting of dog

Order Your Oil Painting Of Your Pet Today…

Pet-canvas-oil-paintingAnother fine example of amazing art with our four legged friend, an oil painting of our customer’s favourite pet. But it doesn’t have to be limited to just cats or dogs. We have even commissioned an oil painting of a horse.

oil painting horse

Here’s How To Order Your Oil Painting Of Your Adorable Pet…

In 3 Easy Steps:

1) Decide on the size of your oil painting

2) Pay now through our secure payment gateway

3) Upload a photo, with any special instructions and expect your oil painting in 4 to 6 weeks…