Room by the Sea (1951)

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“Room by the Sea” was painted by Edward Hopper in 1951. It depicts a fictional and perhaps idealized version of living by the sea, when you just open your door and step into the ocean. While you would normally have to at least cross the beach first, Hopper has taken this statement to its extreme conclusion.

The coloring is typical of Hopper, with the slightly pale depiction we see throughout his art. The skewed angle on the door also ensures that while we can see the sun is shining, we cannot in fact see much of what lies beyond. This sort of suggestive composition is common in Hopper’s work, like e.g. in “A Woman in the Sun”.

“Room by the Sea” is today in the collection of the Yale University Art Gallery in New Haven, Connecticut.

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  • Artistic Period: Realism

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