Commission An Oil Painting

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Have you ever thought about creating an oil painting of you and your loved ones, your pets or your most cherished memories?

Now you can, by getting our highly skilled artist to professionally oil paint onto canvas, to take pride and place in your home.

children oil painting

Our amazing, fine art, high quality, oil paintings are totally different from standard photo shoots or images on canvas. Not only do they look and feel good as the light changes throughout the day, our canvas portraits become a new focal point in your home and age well over time. A good oil portrait captures the essence of the mood, the character, the depth of feeling, bringing a still photo to life.

Photo’s are all well and good but they lose their appeal after a short while. Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with photo’s, but if you would like the wow factor in your living space, stand out from the crowd and have fine art quality oozing from on your walls, then its high time for you to commission an oil painting.

Oil painting of happy couple

Create Your Own Oil Painting Art Collection

Many clients don’t just have portraits done of their children, pets or newly weds, some have their own collection of reproduction classics, such as Monet, Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci and many, many more. Having great works works recreated such as the famous Vincent Van Gogh’s “Still Life Vase” or Monet’s “Sunset” or Leonardo Da Vinci’s beautiful “Mona Lisa”.

van gogh's sunflower

Recreating a classic masterpiece is allowed as long as the artist doesn’t sign if off as a Da Vinci.

Why not start your own art collection, whether you are after surrealism, cubism, or classics then look no further. Our high quality, fine art reproductions are meticously oil painted onto canvas to re-create a masterpiece just for you. Why pay full price for a classic piece of art when you can now own one for a fraction of the price?

How To Order Your Oil Painting

Here’s how to order your very own oil painting in 3 simple steps;

  1. Decide on which portrait you require – loved ones or a classic reproduction
  2. Enter the size, any special requirements and upload a high quality photo*
  3. Pay Online, Now includes Free Minor Alterations, Free Delivery, Free Packaging and expect your own oil portrait in 4 to 6 weeks

* Photo’s only required for family portraits, children, newly weds, pets, etc. Higher resolution the better, so we can capture the finer detail. Also see our article on what makes a good oil painting portrait.

Here’s How It Works

Once we receive your order, your images and any special instructions, our artist will start work on your masterpiece. Prior to posting the canvas, we will send you an image (via email) to ensure you are happy with your commissioned fine art, as our artist can make any minor corrections. On satisfactory completion, your oil painting will be posted.


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If you have any queries, please contact us.

To Your Fine Art Collection

Harvey Dyer