Create An Oil Painting Of Your Children…

Having a oil painting done of your children is without doubt one of the most wonderful gifts you can showcase to your friends and family when they visit your home. Not only does it have the Wow factor, it becomes a real talking point making any parent or grandparent really proud of their loved ones portrait.

Here’s the really best part; You can now commission your our own oil painting of your children and it’s alot easier than you think…

Step 1 – Upload / Email A Photo Of Children

In this example, the parents sent us this photo of their three children together

Oil Portrait of children

As you can see where the two boys heads are close together the light isn’t so great, a second photo was requested.

Canvas Oil Painting of children

With better light around the faces our artist got to start work on this oil painting.

Step 2 – Make Your Requests At This Stage

The parents also requested the hair style of the oldest boy should be used from the second picture for the canvas oil portrait. If you like a pre-cursor for the modern day photoshop. The background in the original photo wasn’t required as the main focus is on the children. Once you are satisfied with the oil painting and no minor corrections are required then its time to receive your masterpiece.

canvas oil painting of children

Step 3 – Receive Your Oil Painting

In the example above the children’s oil painting is 50 cm x 60 cm.

framed oil painting of children

child on canvas oil paintingchildren oil painting

The beauty of oil paintings, as the light changes throughout the day the portrait takes on a different feel, a different mood giving substance and enjoyment throughout the year.

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