Why Not Commission An Oil Painting

Commission Your Own Oil Portrait

Have you ever thought about creating an oil painting of you and your loved ones,  your pets or your most cherished memories?

Now you can by getting our highly skilled artists to professionally, oil paint onto canvas to take pride and place in your home.

commission an oil painting

Photo’s are all well and good but their lose their appeal after a short while.  Our amazing,  high quality,  oil paintings not only look and feel good as the light changes throughout the day,  the canvas portraits become a new focal point in your home and age well over time.

Now don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with photo’s,  but if you would like the wow factor in your living space,  stand out from the crowd and have quality oozing on your walls,  then its high time for you to commission an oil painting.

canvas oil painting

Many clients don’t just have portraits done of their children,  pets or newly weds,  some have their own collection of reproduction classics,  such as Monet,  Picasso,  Leonardo Da Vinci and many,  many more.  Having great works works recreated such as the famous Vincent Van Gogh’s “Still Life Vase”  or Monet’s “Sunset” or Leonardo Da Vinci’s beautiful “Mona Lisa”.

Reproduce An Oil Painting

Recreating a classic masterpiece is allowed as long as the artist doesn’t sign if off as a Da Vinci.

Create Your Own Oil Painting Art Collection

Why not start your own art collection,  whether you are after surrealism,  cubism,  or classics then look no further.  Our high quality,   reproductions are meticously oil painted onto canvas to re-create a master piece for you.